About Us

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to you and your family by managing the complexities of your financial life. We work closely with you and your professional advisors to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Ailsa is different, and that’s a good thing

Ailsa Craig is a beacon and unwavering landmark to the mariners between Scotland and Ireland. Like our namesake, we serve as a beacon to our clients, exuding confidence and a deep commitment to keep you on track in your financial life.

Conceptual Financial Planning

Neglecting any part of your financial plan can make the difference in whether a plan succeeds or fails. Meeting with one of our experienced advisors ensures that you have a plan to incorporate the complex financial aspects of your life. A complete, integrated plan gives you the best chance for financial independence.

Not commission-based

You don’t like paying commissions, and we don’t like charging them. We have no products to sell, and we are not captive to any one investment manager. Being fee-based aligns our interests with yours, allowing you to trust us to make decisions that are best for you.

A Personal Touch

Too many Investment Advisors forget that every client is unique. We take a very personal approach with each of our clients. Your worries and concerns become ours. What is important to you becomes important to us. It is this personal touch that leads our advisors to count many of their clients as close friends.

This is the same assurance we have provided our clients for over 25 years.